The small good we do it helps us to grow. In our small ways we can make the difference
Give a hand to those who need it God will do the same when you ask.
Nothing is impossible in the world of Mankind. It is only the humans who made the barrier to divide


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The Maya Ancient Code says the end of the world falls on 23/12/2012

Scientists expect the next reversal of the earth's magnetic poles to occur around AD2030 source JM Harwood & SCR Malin writing in Nature 12/2/76

I have nothing to teach the world. Truth and non violence are as old as the hills
MK Gandhi

Love is blind you forget to use your eyes; the mind freezes in lust, and you dont know what happens when you give it all
God is heaven. God is hell. Any road you take He waits for you. No question ask only a sign 'Welcome home, my children'

Depression the dead soul; living the smell of flowers bloom

Leaders are made by speech writers

The world is money, man & women, wine song sex & dream then diseases and looking for faith

The man who is not ready to take a risk condemns himself to being a small timer all his life - Meyer Lansky in The Secret by Harold Robbins

The winds that blow - ask them, which leaf of the
tree will be next to go SOSEKI

In nature a repulsive caterpillar turns into a lovely butterfly. But with human beings a lovely butterfly turns into a repulsive caterpillar ANTON CHEKHOV

The bottom line is...whatever you want. Whatever is really important to you, what you'll work for, give up everything for. The bottom line is what you will kill for MADELEINE WEYBOURNE in The Bottom Line by John Harman

For one who is honoured, Dishonour is worse than death BHAGAVAD GITA

Get into passion rule the rose!

You learn through your wondering mind otherwise what are you?

Trust people but don't trust the devil in them

You create the good life with little help from friends

want to do business ask for names

one minute it takes to make a difference

Criminal is made by society divide

Sex is a gift from God
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Strings the guitar for a tune
I try hard to get it right
I don’t feel the melody
It is playing in the wind

I look helplessly
I get the strings
There is no melody
I hear the soft whispering

The lighted atmosphere
I touch my life on the glow
Strumming it away
Believing I am the rocking star
In my own home I try

My mind goes to work
I make it easy on my way
Let it be actively involved
It comes to soothe the soul

Strings the guitar
I let the fingers do the work
My mind floats in dream
I let myself fly
Anyway I want
Like the wind

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=1 noshade>


MySpace Layouts

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The year going to close
I don’t have magic to give
I am just a plain guy
Searching it all in the net

Knock on doors
Peep into windows
There is something
But I am just a guy

What you know?
Life gives me the smile
I see many
I taste it too
As I go for the honey
The bees buzzing me
I take it along
I feel my world
Sitting by the screen
Fingers escape reality

The year going to close
I am just a plain guy
Shifting my gears
Nothing will change
I will sit by the notebook
Looking at pictures
I see the faces
Popping up every time
And my words keep flowing
Touching hearts and souls
Life enjoying it before it closes its doors
Then time stands still
Listening to the grace


My girlfriend
My girlfriend imagination runs wild; mind sees eyes go crazy; drugs hollow

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Respect a man that drives a Harley
Respect a man that drives a Harley

50 years of independence

The races march to harmony
Waving Jalur Gemilang

The sea of smiling faces
A tomorrow comes

One voice one country one vision
Opportunities abound

Sharing inbound and outbound energy
The harmonious swing marching in unity

Negara-ku my country
In all walks of lives

50 years down the road
The song of harmony

The tread of warm relationship
Amongst the people in the country

The sea of smile
The gestures of tolerance

Warming up for all
It is there to be seen

Wave the flag
The proud of nation
One country one vision

It is not how many A’s you scored
In the world of choices
It is what you learned and practiced
It will take you beyond your dreams

Straight A’s in schools
Honored graduates in universities
It doesn’t tell a thing
Until you start making your own history
In the working environment
In the business world

In the world of cut-throat choices
You have to start from zero
In it you will carve your marks
To be a hero or nobody

The choices are in your hands
Mark of genius or slave to your own
You make your stand
Live it or regret through years

Straight A’s doesn’t mean you arrive
It is just the beginning
What you are made to make your life
Interesting or washed out on the streets
It is a choice
You make as you go searching your dreams

A beautiful day
On my house balcony I see
The clear white and blue sky
It shines bright inviting to cherish

The main range mountain
Solid as ever across the country
I stand there watching
As the beautiful clouds skipping by

Just watch the beautiful green slopes
Caressing together united as one
On the rugged mountain ranges
Life must be beautiful all the times

The green mountain
Sometimes there is misty glow
In the early morning rise
In the evening sun set too

On my house balcony
I take a short of memory
The beautiful white and blue clouds
Rapping away in my eyes

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Thursday, November 17, 2011
you light the candles glow

Cake of flowers

Make from the Web

Imagine the taste

The dreams will be made

The day of reflections

The good journey continues

Let the breezes keep you company

Listening to the whirring melodies

Greetings and wishes are many

The good life will be there

The candles flow of brightness

Life will be as good as it should

The pages of life's journey

Write a new one in the page

Cherish the good moments

As you light the candles glow

Posted at 12:53 pm by lanaibeach

Wednesday, September 14, 2011
the spices of our moments

We have our date

On 9 September you shouldn't forget

The day we signed for our journey

The package deal sealed, signed and delivered

The years moved as we take it along

Our journey to make our little world

In our lives we share and live

Sharing the way we know best

We have our date

Every day of our lives

Don't you remember?

It is already written in the star

Every year it reminds us

We have our date

The spices of our moments

Every day of our lives

Posted at 01:25 pm by lanaibeach

the years may have changed

The years may have changed

The outlook of our lives in place

The eyes still look the familiar glow

In you there is always more

You can't hide the facade

Even with creams and hair lotion

You still look the familiar face

I know so well touching the glow

It may be years before and now

The echo still rings true in my eyes

The years can come and make changes

I still remember the woman I know

The footprints we have made

Up the hill, down the city and the island

There are always the memories we shared

The images we knew before and now

The date will appear

The day we stood on the hill

The day we made our journey

Rain, snow or shine we will share

Posted at 01:23 pm by lanaibeach

the bicycle in his world

The 2 small wheelers

He is ready to go

Chasing the road

Smiling on his face

Nigel will pedal

Around the neighborhood

He will imagine the world

He can cycle to reach it

Now he takes a moment

Looking into the camera

For the seconds in picture

ˇ°See I can cycleˇ±

He will enjoy his independence

Learning the rope to know his surrounding

His mind can imagine cycling with the wind

His world has many exciting things to do

Posted at 01:18 pm by lanaibeach

Monday, December 06, 2010
into the heavenly home


It is already a year you had gone

Leaving this land wishing you the best

In the kingdom of God you must rest

Days and nights

I still remember

The years you gone through

For all of us

It is hard to let you go

It is even harder not to see you any more

Mother there is no regrets

Let's hope you are happy in the land of bliss

The silent prayers

For the journey you will take

I know you aren't alone

You have daughter, son and son in law

You also will meet

Your own mother and brothers

They will make you happy at home

Mother there shouldn't any regrets

It's hard to let go

Knowing I can't see you any more

Mother let the journey begins

It is a year you had been gone

ong siew ho born 15/10/31 died 8/12/09

Posted at 01:17 pm by lanaibeach

Friday, October 22, 2010
get on with life

Enemies at the doors

They wait for your downfall

You think you can run down these people

You forget they too have their own arsenal

The oldest trade in our lives

Where empire falls where civilization begins

The world of man and woman

The putter and the putting hole

Everything can be failed

Everything can be contained

Every money can be made

Every secret can be tagged away

But man and woman

The fascination doesn't stop at all

Through the journey

The dreams and erotic illusions dominate

With modern gadgets and usages

Within minutes in the world of web

You can deny about your activities

You can deny all you want......

The world will know

The video clips will show

The darlings of the world web

It is me but it isn't me!

Who want to believe?

The video takes its place

Spinning into the world web

Put up face get on with your life

Posted at 01:35 pm by lanaibeach

Friday, June 04, 2010
the whispering breezes sing

In the dark for a while

Listening to the heart beats

Ringing tones into far away place

The space fills empty

The wordsmith seems so far away

The way the fun begins

Sometimes a break

Of life pursuits take stock and begin

A thousand journey once again

The canopy of dim light

Shaded by the giant leaves

A temporary shade to recuperate

Once it is done

The whispering breezes sing

On the pages the readers turning

Posted at 10:19 am by lanaibeach

Sunday, May 23, 2010
it's plan for the future

Women children and work

The many trades a woman will do

She doesn't complain she makes it through

The upbringing, income and children

Some of those routines

The husbands can do

Picking up children mopping floor

Sweep the floor clean the house

Just tell husbands

It is an exercise good for health

Slim the body muscled up tones

They will look young aging well!

Wash the clothes

Now so easy to do

Washing machines spin

He can still watch his favourite shows

There is a product

I think it called robot clean

It will do the job set you free

It comes with a price on your budget

So it is still best

Mop, broom and pail

Get the exercise no excuse

The bright smile the energy returns

Exercise is good

I know I practice every day

Sweeping and mopping floor

Stretching and weight exercise

It's the plan

The future beckons

Sweat it out for now

The future will light

Posted at 11:03 pm by lanaibeach

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
mirror mirror

Mirror Mirror

Am I pretty am I not?

Tell me the truth!

The naked body

The image glow

In the woman's eyes

Caressing slowly

Into her breasts and valley

Mirror Mirror how is it?

The light shines

Exposing the nakedness

Waiting for fire burning

Mirror Mirror

Don't go down on me

Am I pretty am I not?

Posted at 02:11 pm by lanaibeach

the melting candles

Naked body

Exposing it in the night

Light by melting candles

The body needs it right

Melting liquids hitting carpet

The body naked rolling it along

The touches of softly fire

It brings it up into life

The erotic movements

Caressing the eyes

Each glow by the candles

The shining nakedness

The long shadow touches

Measuring it with a long stick

Into the dark shadow it sinks

Of erotic desires the whirring hits

Posted at 02:08 pm by lanaibeach

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